Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Texas National 2016

Saffran  2016  And Baby   13" x 19"  archival color photograph collage sewn with thread

Juror Abelardo Morell selected And Baby (I Know a Story series) from over eight hundred entries to be part of the 2016 Texas National show at Stephen F. Austin State University Art Gallery in Nacogdoches Texas.  The show runs April 9 – June 11, 2016.

My passion for the work of Morell motivated me to enter the competition.   I was introduced to his work through the constructed image series  Alice In Wonderland  and have followed his many photographic adventures from  Paper  to the more current  Camera Obscura  and  Tent Camera.

His work is diverse in process but singular in vision.  Through the use of a variety of photographic means of reproduction he asks us to consider the photograph as a liveable place that may be experienced with our bodies as well as our minds. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Gallery One collage show

Saffran  2016  She Was Fun at Parties  photo-collage sewn with thread  22" x 19"  

She Was Fun at Parties was selected by juror Deborah Faye Lawrence for inclusion in Cut It Out a show of collage work at Gallery One Visual Arts Center in Ellensburg Washington.  The opening reception was Friday March 4 and the show will run through March 26.  Although I will not be able to see the show in person I did see images of all the selected collages.  Cut It Out is a very strong collection of unique and stimulating work of which I am honored and proud to be included.  

She Was Fun at Parties is from a newly developing body of work centered on the year 1969 and how my personal development and relationship with my  mother was influenced by the social and political climate of that time period.   More to come . . .

Thursday, January 21, 2016

new works

Saffran 2016 working title "She Was Fun at Parties"  30" x 19" color photograph with sewing pattern image and thread

Saffran 2016 working title "Inside Looking Out"  30" x 19" color photograph with found advertising image and thread

original source photographs

These new pieces are the beginning thoughts/collages made from 5 snapshots of me on my twelfth birthday.  Although all my work is autobiographical this is the first time I have turned my gaze specifically at myself.  My interest in this series is to refashion the source images to explore the idea of the mother daughter relationship at a time when cultural expectations for women (1969) were changing.  My mother was deeply influenced by the social challenging of the second wave of feminism.  In many ways the women's movement had a profound affect upon her which in turn greatly shaped my family and my own emotional/political development. 

Temple Incense "A Sheaf of Poems"

I was inspired to make this book as a gift for my dear friend David when I found a small incense tin at the second had junk store.  Measuring 3" x 2", the distressed tin was the perfect vehicle for this book.  A few years ago, during a dark personal time, David gave me a collection of cards designed by Rashani Rea that included her original design paired with excerpted quotes from Tarchin Hearn's   "A Sheaf of Poems (1981 - 2010).

On one side of each individual pages is a photograph I made of a dandelions gone to seed, on the other is a quote from Tarchin.  The pages are not meant to be in a specific order and can be shuffled and reshuffled for new associations and renewed thinking.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

art open house October 18

The Old School House

I will be showing recent work at an art open house next Sunday (October 18)  2:00 - 5:00 pm. 

The Old School House at 14 Farnham Road in Moretown (the corner of Moretown Common and Farnham roads) will be the place to be!  The owner and resident of the Old School House hosts open houses to give local artists a chance to meet and share their work.

Jane will help me hang the show on Saturday and has offered to bring some yummy food on Sunday.  Also on Sunday, Bruce will perform acoustic guitar music.  All we need is you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

nuclear family

"He Never Believed That She Loved Him Best" michelle saffran 2015  6" x 6" black and white print from scanned negative 

"Nuclear Family"michelle saffran 2015  6" x 6" black and white print from scanned negative

"Unidentifiable Remains"michelle saffran 2015  6" x 6" black and white print from scanned negative

"Children Are Like Puppets"michelle saffran 2015  6" x 6" black and white print from scanned negative

"Betty Was HER Horse"michelle saffran 2015  6" x 6" black and white print from scanned negative

"Was He Happy?"michelle saffran 2015  6" x 6" black and white print from scanned negative

"Their Faces Said It All"michelle saffran 2015  6" x 6" black and white print from scanned negative

"What If . . . "michelle saffran 2015  6" x 6" black and white print from scanned negative

"Guns As Toys"michelle saffran 2015  6" x 6" black and white print from scanned negative

Along with scrapbooks, albums and loose snapshots I inherited dozens of glassine envelopes full of 120mm film negatives.  Negatives without their positives,  placeholders for what is absent, symbolic on many levels. These exposed pieces of silver halide reference how, over time, an original event or person is detached from its source and becomes a trigger for a memory or speculation. The reversal of white to black, and black to white, in a transparent yet reflective surface confuses the eye and challenges the mind.  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Personal Histories show at the UNSW Canberra Academic Library

I received an email from Robyn Foster, the coordinator of the International Artist Book Exhibition Personal Histories (the subject of a blog post of a few weeks ago), telling me that show is now at the University of New South Wales Library and a photo of my book Possibility, along with photos of books by Candice Hicks (US), Eva Wilkie (Germany) and Jac Balmer (UK) were chosen for the exhibitions website. 

Funny to think that my art is traveling to places I have never been!  Seems fitting that the book is skyrocketing across the planet since its about opening our selves to the unexpected, unbelievable and nearly unimaginable.  

I was unable to find websites for Hicks and Wilkie but you can see their work on the Personal Histories site.

Page from Possibility a handmade book dedicated to my mom - Saffran 2013